JAMPS : One-stop support for agricultural business

JAMPS realizes “profitable agriculture” and supports the creation of enterprises loved by the community.
To maintain and develop agriculture as a business, it is necessary to create “profit”.
JAMPS proposes a “profitable” agricultural business model to client companies,
and supports companies that seriously enter agriculture field as a pillar of business for the next five or ten years from production to sales on a one-stop basis.
JAMPS stands for “Japan Agricultural Marketing & Production Solutions Company”.

The most important point in agricultural management is “to efficiently produce high-quality products, increase yields and stabilize sale destination”.

As a new business in anticipation of the future, companies entering agriculture from different industries continue to appear. However, there are also many loss-making companies withdrawing because of huge investment amounts, unstable production volume, quality unaccompanied by price, difficulty in securing sales channels, etc. “Non-profitable agriculture”, of course, is unable to continue as a business.

We believe that realizing “profitable agriculture” can help our clients who entered agriculture industry and the future of Japan.
In order to realize “profitable agriculture”, we provide one-stop supporting service from agricultural production technology to marketing through consulting.
JAMPS listed above mission in the consideration of the future of Japan’s agriculture as follows.
The average age of current agricultural workers is 66.7 (as of 2016). Due to the aging population, farmers are predicted to sharply decline in the next ten years. In other words, the decreasing small-scale farmers with low productivity will not be reflected in the market.
The decrease of farmers does not mean the dramatic decrease of production volume. Large-scale farmers and agricultural corporations with a large cultivation area will be the center of the industry. Based on the decrease in the number of agricultural workers as well as the decrease in the labor force, it is important to improve not only the size of the cultivation area but also agricultural productivity.
In the industries other than agriculture, producer equals manufacturer. Basically, the making side has a decision right of prices. In agriculture, however, it is ordinary that price is not stable for farmers because “market” distribution is most important. Such situation will cause unstable management. Therefore, farmers who do not appreciate the current commercial flow and actively add value to their products and carry out direct distribution will increase in the future.
Moreover, it can be considered as a waste if it is just “manufacturing” and “selling” goods. In the future, we will expand not only processed foods but also diversified business models linked to tourism, education, etc.
It is well-known that interest of “food safety” is increasing year by year, not only in Japan but also worldwide. Japan has the image of “food safety country”. However, the share of organic vegetables, about 0.2% compared to 6% to 8% in European countries, is considerably low in Japan. (* JAMPS is not organic farming)
Abandoned cultivation areas are increasing year by year. Despite the fact that the cultivation areas are surplus, currently agriculture is not an industry that can enter easily.
Hurdles against entry of agriculture, different depending on municipalities, are still very high. We anticipate that this situation will change as farmers are predicted to aging and declining.
As Japan entered the era of declining population, companies have faced a shortage of labor.
Whereas from the workers’ side, the sought-after minimum wage is tending to increase.
The agriculture, with the elderly as the main force, will face a more serious manpower shortage situation.
If wages rise, it is obvious that the unit prices will also rise. On the other hand, it is clear that the competition with overseas producers, who carry out mechanized agriculture on a large scale, will intensify with regard to low-priced agricultural products.
In our production model, there is novelty in realizing high quality and high yield. High quality refers to agricultural products with good and rich taste, and high nutritional value. We combine our own agricultural production method based on “soil cultivation” and “environmental control” like water cultivation. We are proud to create the first agricultural production system in the industry to realize high quality and high yield.
The production system of JAMPS is an agricultural model that does not make soil and seedling cultivation by using soil and seedling suited to the production method.
Traditionally, one of the factors that makes difficult entry of agriculture for unexperienced farmers is soil and seedling cultivation. The model not requiring such cultivation is one of the biggest factors that lowers the risk of failure. In addition, we have succeeded in lowering the risk of failure by using the IOT to automatically control the environment in the house that traditionally requires experience.
We are holding cultivation meetings twice a month with experts based on daily data accumulation. We will check the condition of fruit, stem, leaf and other comprehensive conditions to make sure whether it is diseased, whether nutrition is excess or deficient etc., and make improvement guidance. Risk avoidance is done by performing daily management based on this regular meeting. In addition, because cultivation control and work are tailored to the growing stage, the yield can be secured even by unexperienced people from the first year.
No matter how high-quality agricultural products are produced, without a seller, the business cannot continue. In addition, non-standard agricultural products are difficult to sell. Therefore, we provide services of promotion, development of new sale destination, development of processing and selling non-standard agricultural products that cannot be sold.
JAMPS clients are small and medium enterprises newly entering from different industries. Our agricultural production model is classified as a sunlight-utilizing type plant factory. Normally, investment of facilities of such factory will cost a lot. In order to solve this problem, we combined the agricultural house and equipment that can independently control environment to utilize our own production technology, in collaboration with agricultural house makers etc., and drastically reduce the investment amount. Small and medium enterprises cannot spend billions to invest. Therefore, we are promoting a model that can start from a small scale of 2,000㎡ and can be expected to recover profit in 5 to 7 years.
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